Mark Lane

Mark Lane studied Political Science and Business Management. He worked for 20 years in management of food production plants. He decided to leave that world and start his own business. He was in the seafood restaurant business for ten years. The path of his life changed as he witnessed unjust acts against migrants and refugees. He decided to fully immerse himself in the world of social justice activism, which has had him for many years now, fighting for the rights of immigrants and refugees in the United States. He has led and participated in rallys and protests in the street, as well as advocating for immigrants and refugees in all levels of the government. 

Mark's philosophy on life has turned into a social justice referendum in the struggle for equality, equity, and justice for every human being.

"No one is where they are at because of their own efforts. Someone helped you, somewhere in some stage of your life."
-Mark Lane



Jules is a graphic designer and local activist who has dedicated her time and skills to activism pertaining to immigration, LGBTQ rights, prison reform, and humanitarian efforts. She graduated from San Diego State in 2007, and started her career as a freelance graphic artist. She once worked in the corporate world, serving as the marketing manager for nationwide and international companies. She was also an organizer in the Occupy Wall Street movement, and since then she has continuously contributed her time and talents to grassroots organizing. Jules has participated in rallies and protests across the nation, and now dedicates her time and efforts to the non-profit sector.