Humanity knows no borders.

The mission of Minority Humanitarian Foundation is to provide a humanitarian response to the issues facing asylum-seekers and refugees on a global scale. MHF believes that all humans should be treated with dignity and respect, despite country of origin. Through on-the-ground relief efforts, health services, housing, transportation services and legal representation we work to ensure the health and safety of the people we work with. Then through education and job placement we work to ensure their success in a new country.

Our services include, but are not limited to: 

• Legal representation    

• Education    

• On-the-ground relief efforts    

• Transitional housing    

• Job placement

We help asylum-seeking refugees, people who are fleeing gang violence, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. This group of people includes transitional age youth, pregnant and parenting teens, the elderly, deported veterans, and LGBTQ individuals. Every last one of them has experienced extreme trauma. Most of them recently made a grueling two month journey from Honduras, only to arrive at the U.S. border and be denied their right to seek asylum. As you know, our country's new immigration policies have created a humanitarian crisis at our border. Upwards of 5,000 refugees are sleeping in the cold in Tijuana. There are over a thousand women and children at El Barretal shelter alone, and many more staying at smaller shelters throughout Tijuana.

We have been on the ground from day one, and our support continues after families are granted temporary asylum. We provide a wide range of services, so please let me take a moment to walk you through the entirety what we do. We first make contact with the refugee families when they arrive in Tijuana. We have a sustained presence at all of the major refugee shelters, and bring donations on a daily basis. We bring down all their necessities, including food, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, medical supplies, hygiene products, and baby diapers. In the past four months we have brought over 1500 tents to these refugees. We even brought our CEO Mark Lane dressed as Santa on Christmas, to deliver hundreds of presents to the children.

Once people make it across, their journey is far from over. Every night the refugees who are processed by CBP are simply thrown onto the street, homeless and terrified. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who drive down to the border pick up these stranded refugees. We take these families to hotels or shelters, we buy them clothing and hygiene, set them up with cell phones, and then arrange for them to travel wherever they need to go. We have sent refugees to be reunited with their families all over the country. When refugees do not have a place to go, we set them up with host families, and help their children see doctors, enroll in school and become integrated into society. We also their help adult refugees with job placement, and housing assistance. We are literally there every step of the way.